Delacorte Press/Random House

Fall 2008

ISBN 978-0-38-573569-8

Autumn Winifred Oliver prides herself on doing things her way.  But she meets her match when she moves in with her cantankerous Gramps.  The Oliver girls were supposed to join Pop in Knoxville for some big-city living, but Gramps’s recent sick spell convinced Mama to stay put in Cades Cove.  Folks in the Cove are all aflutter about turning their land into a national park, but Autumn’s not sure what to think.  Loggers like Pop need jobs, but if things keep going at the current rate, the forests will soon be chopped to bits.  And Gramps seems to think there’s some serious tourist money to be made.  Can Autumn’s family and friends save their homes from the chainsaw by partnering with the slick Colonel Chapman and other park volunteers? 

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